Spikey U compiled significant number of different materials to support our learners including The Targeted Readings, The Maths Dos and Don’ts and The Digital Tests of Maths.  
Our handouts come in a variety of formats including the following,
html - This is fairly obvious. It will load the information into your browser.
This is Adobe's pdf format and requires their Acrobat Reader to view it. Click here to go to Adobe's web site to download Acrobat Reader if you need to.
barcode - Barcodes give you quick access to various resources without having to enter or remember  the access details. You can use the Camera app on your mobile device or the barcode scanner on our web site, 
Targeted Readings for our learners. Our understanding is that students generally like targeted readings more than videos; targeted readings focus on exactly what the students need and can be reviewed more quickly than videosAlongside the readings, we provide Digital Reading Questionnaire, these  questions are intended to be relatively easy for anyone who had done the reading or already knew the material. For example, a problem might be the same as one in the reading but with different numbers.We do not expect our learners to master the material by reading it on their own but it helps students to use the time with our specialist efficiently and it can also be used to refresh the material in the future  The Targeted Readings are non exam board specific and, therefore, the exam questions or the exam  question solutions are not included.
 Maths  Dos and Don'ts are not the laws, requirements  or rules and maybe not everything will work for you but we wrote it based on our personal experience, this is what we do and this is what we don‘t do in Maths. We understand that our tutors and learners have different backgrounds and, therefore, they can have different experience of mathematics and have developed the habits which may or may not help them to learn and improve going forward. While we always try to use the terminology and notation our learners are familiar, for example, the x is commonly used for multiplication i.e. 7x8, we introduce · as a better alternative: 7x8 can be written as  7·8; 
The Digital Tests of Maths come with embedded The Answer Checker similar to The Problem Set Checker on MITx site. Spikey U learners, similarly to M.I.T. Students, st can input each answer into a box and find out if the answer is correct. For problems for which the answers are formulas, students are asked to check their answers by inputting a numerical value into the formula. Even if they did find the correct answer this way, it wouldn’t matter; the Digital Test of Maths  grades are based on logic and completeness of their written solutions rather than the correctness of the final numerical answer.