Spikey U
Specialist Maths School for responsible learners of all abilities, backgrounds and ages to master Maths of their choice when they are ready.
From its beginning in 1991 Spikey U has had at its core a commitment to access, with a pledge that  background  should be no bar to entry. In the 21st century, we add a further commitment – that the education of the highest standards will not be restricted solely to those who can afford it. 
About 75 scholarships are awarded each year in total between learners from Spikey U and external candidates. Academic Scholarships are retained until the end of the current year. All Academic Scholarships are honorary and worth £320. 
Applications are welcome from candidates world wide. Although all awards are made on the basis of merits, the priority may be given to suitable candidates who have not previously benefited from our awards. The existing learners must apply before taking the GRE test or other comparable test. It is the Spikey U’s policy to interview all applicants with the GRE Quantitative section scores in at least the 85th percentile (163+). 
Interviews will be taking place using Zoom. You will need to download the application in order to use it but you can delete it as soon as your interview is over. Interviews will be recorded unless you request otherwise. Deliberations between interviews will not be recorded. Please note, recordings will only be viewed in the case of an appeal made on the ground of problems resulting from the usage of the videoconferencing application e.g. a poor internet connection, not from the content of the interview itself. You have 10 days to make such an appeal. After this time the recordings will be destroyed.
It will take up to four weeks for the office to confirm the results. Regardless of whether you have been successful or unsuccessful in your application, you will be informed of the result by email. Spikey U does not reject by silence.  Feedback on your interview will not be available.   
The closing date for applications  is always the first Friday in January, February, March or April. The applications are now open. Applicants are required to complete the application form online here.